August 6, 2014.  I was already four days past my due date.  Three weeks earlier, my OB-GYN said I had started dilating and was 1-2 centimeters.  I started telling close friends I could go into labor at any minute.  But here I was…on this Tuesday morning…41 weeks pregnant – and still roaming the streets.

The day before, I went in for the fun-filled cervix check.  My doc came in…“you’re still here???”  She rammed…I mean – checked my cervix…I was 4-5cm dilated.  But no signs of labor.  She scheduled me to be induced on that Friday.  I was upset.  I really didn’t want to be induced again…what’s the deal with my babies wanting to stay all cozied up in my womb?

I called my awesome doula, Na’imah Delpeche, to share the update.  Na’imah had been by my side during my first delivery – and she was one of the first calls I made when I found out I was pregnant again.  She suggested I book an induction massage and I was able to get her contact to come to my house the same day.  For two hours, she massaged my feet focusing on all the key pressure point areas that would help to naturally induce labor.  I was willing to try anything.  I even let my sister come over later that night with her special “Woosah oil” and rub my belly with it….I even fell for my husband’s pitch late that night.  “You know they say sex will help induce labor…maybe we can give it a shot? ” 41 weeks in…feeling like a whale…and super uncomfortable – sex was the last thing on my mind.  But at that point – I was willing to try it all.

Between the Woosah oil, induction massage and sex – I expected my water to break in the middle of the night.  I jumped up a few times, feeling the sheets, in hopes of finding a wet spot.  Nope…nothing.  I had a dentist appointment the next morning and I had enough people telling me I shouldn’t be driving at that point…so I asked Bob to take me.  But first, I wanted to grab breakfast at a local diner that I’ve been wanting to take him to.  I kissed Miss Bobbi (my 18 month old) good-bye and as I was leaving, I told our nanny that I was starting to feel funny…but I would be home right after the appointment.  And so begins the journey:

The night before going into labor, my sister came over and rubbed castor oil all over my belly.
The night before going into labor, my sister came over and rubbed her special blend of oils all over my belly. She calls it the “Woosah oil” made to help you go into full relaxation mode.


This past week, we shot our first maternity shoot.  It was the perfect timing, being 7 months pregnant….I was still feeling good and wasn’t at the point where I was looking puffy and swollen!  Being that my husband is an awesome photographer…he is surronded by fellow awesome photographers – and we picked the right one to capture the mood and moments that will last long after the baby comes.  April Keogh, a NYC based photographer, was who we chose to do the shoot.  Knowing April personally, I knew she would make me feel and look beautiful.  April and I discussed what type of shots we wanted and we knew that we wanted to not only capture the maternal vibe…but also some sexy maternal shots! I pushed back on this when April suggested it – but with some coaxing – I agreed…and I loved it!!

In order to pull off the shots – I needed my glam squad…Karen Baez has done my hair for all my special moments and this was no different.  I also had to call in my guy Tray, to come hook up my face..I wanted to be flawless, so I needed all hands on deck!


Now where did I leave off???  Oh yea – I just found out that I was pregnant – and I’m in a daze.  (Sorry, its been a minute – life gets in the way of my blogs.)

Back to the scene in Boston….after finally getting my sister, Donna, on the phone and telling her the news – her first response was I KNEW IT – I JUST HAD A DREAM ABOUT THAT!!!  Funny thing is, weeks before – I also had a dream about a baby’s foot, inside my stomach, kicking.  But that didn’t tip me off – neither did the sudden fatigue that I was experiencing either.  Somehow, I missed all of the warning signs…


Earlier this year, in March, I wrote a blog entitled:   “When the Sperm meets the Egg…Dammit!”

It was my response to the often-asked question: “Damn, when ya’ll gonna have a baby???”

Well….the sperm done met the egg!!!

Its been a while since I’ve posted on my blog, mainly because my life has been a whirlwind since April/May….but if I thought I was in for a busy summer just because of work – I had another thing coming – and it was a baby!

The months of April and May was crazy, busy and fun!  With the end of the regular basketball season coming to an end and playoffs starting, there were games every other night it seemed; traveling to watch the first few rounds in NYC/Boston and enjoying the big city, co-planning the birthday parties of two dear friends (one turning 30, the other turning 50), company retreats, calendar filled with business meetings, conference calls, my random showings at yoga and zumba classes, hosting a memorial day bbq, cooking my Sunday Funday dinners…and more…the story of my life.