This past week, we shot our first maternity shoot.  It was the perfect timing, being 7 months pregnant….I was still feeling good and wasn’t at the point where I was looking puffy and swollen!  Being that my husband is an awesome photographer…he is surronded by fellow awesome photographers – and we picked the right one to capture the mood and moments that will last long after the baby comes.  April Keogh, a NYC based photographer, was who we chose to do the shoot.  Knowing April personally, I knew she would make me feel and look beautiful.  April and I discussed what type of shots we wanted and we knew that we wanted to not only capture the maternal vibe…but also some sexy maternal shots! I pushed back on this when April suggested it – but with some coaxing – I agreed…and I loved it!!

In order to pull off the shots – I needed my glam squad…Karen Baez has done my hair for all my special moments and this was no different.  I also had to call in my guy Tray, to come hook up my face..I wanted to be flawless, so I needed all hands on deck!