Throughout my late 20’s – I was bombarded with friends, family, people in general asking, ” Girl, when are you gonna get a man?”

I got one.

In my early 30’s and a year into my new relationship, with my new man, I was bombarded with friends, family, people in general asking, “Damn, when ya’ll getting married?

We got married.

Still newlyweds, not even a full year into our blissful marriage – I’m bombarded with friends, family, people in general asking,“When ya’ll gonna pop one out??

I’m tired of saying Oh, we’re working on it.…or….Oh – we’re trying – really hard..My answer has now developed into something quite simple and logical…and scientific….


Now, that response sounds a bit harsh, a little aggressive – but after numerous comments, questions, concerns, and after I blurted it out recently when a friend asked me “the question,” that seemed like the perfect answer – and most importantly – I felt better once it came out!

I know for sure that people who ask “the question” really don’t mean ANY harm…they’re just curious or excited about the possibility….or just having conversation….but on the flip side – getting bombarded with questions about relationships, marriage, children over the years – puts a lot of stress on people who are probably already dealing with their own stresses about the situation.

Every key moment in our lives is often met with the pressures and demands that society places on us – an expectation that we should be at a certain point, by a certain age, with a certain type of person, doing a certain job, etc….  I’ve never been one to buckle under that kind of pressure – but I’ve always believed that being patient and staying strong in my faith – those moments will fall into place when its time.

Truth is, I am very much aware that my biological clock is ticking…I recognize that most of our friend couples that got married around the same time Bobby and I did – are now expecting children.  And I couldn’t be happier for them!  But I’m also happy and at peace….and know that when its time – it will happen…right around the time the little squiggly sperm meets the magic egg…Until then – I’m enjoying the journey.