She’s FIVE…and FIERCE!!!!

Bobbi Elle turning the BIG 5 is bittersweet to me. I just pushed her out yesterday! Where did the time go???  It was not long ago when I shared on this blog my pregnancy announcement:  The Sperm Done Met The Egg.

Many of you have been on this journey with me and have seen her growth.  Doesn’t it make you feel old watching someone else’s child grow up?? Happens to me all the time!

Turning five is a major milestone. Definitely more for me than her.  I mean…she starts real school this year!  I no longer have a little girl. I can barely pick her up at this point – she dresses herself and there are major meltdowns if I attempt to choose anything for her. She’s super independent, knows what she wants and will verbalize it in detail for ALL to understand. If you follow her on any of my social media platforms, then you know that she is a spirited child with a huge personality. While she’s still into her Disney Princesses, she’s also now very much into ratchet music.  And while I’m sad to see her shed the baby girl vibe that I once knew…I’m so excited to see her coming into her own!

For her birthday photo shoot this year – we went with a big girl grown-ish vibe while still capturing the innocence and sweetness of a being a girl. The scene was Lincoln Road on Miami Beach. We used Laduree’s Bakery as our setting…they were sooo awesome to allow us to shoot her there. Plus – we racked up on macaroons (my fave) and espressos. It was a win-win!

Here are some of my favorite shots from our Breakfast At Tiffany’s inspired photoshoot – thanks to Erica Melissa.

We also did shots of her in a fun look – the halter top rose petal shirt that Bobbi was obsessed with!!  Listen…you couldn’t tell her that she wasn’t modeling for Vogue!

One Balanced Mama_0373.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0374.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0377.jpg
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One Balanced Mama_0386.jpg
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One Balanced Mama_0388.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0389.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0391.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0394.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0392.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0395.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0396.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0397.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0393.jpg

Since her birthday falls a few days before Valentine’s Day – I always get my two loves in a few shots together…sharing a few of those here: Sibling Love: Valentines 2018. Also – check out her Mad Hatter Tea Party/Birthday Party!



5th Birthday Party Celebration

While we were celebrating Bobbi Elle’s 4th Birthday...strolling down Main Street at Disney’s Magic Kingdom….after spending the day with her favorite princesses…having a VIP dinner with 5 of her closest girlfriends at Cinderella’s castle…my little diva declared: For my 5th birthday – I want an Alice in Wonderland themed party!”

*Insert record scratch here*

Ummmmm…can we get thru year FOUR, please????

This is Bobbi Elle. Always thinking ahead. Planning. Strategizing. She’s a little too much like me and it’s scary.

I told her:  1) RELAX. And 2) Enjoy the moment. We have plenty of time to plan year 5.

“Ok. But I want Calyann to be the Mad Hatter and you will be the Evil Queen!”

Great.  Thanks, Bobbi…

— Cut to February 2018 —

She got her wish (of course!)

Now some of you may be aware that we have several celebrations for my kids birthday. And here’s why: I have a huge family and they have a ton of cousins their age. They also have a ton of friends at school that they love to hang out with. So sometimes – we just have to do two. One main party and a smaller celebration at school…and yes – they get to pick a theme park of their choice to spend the day. Cause we live in Miami and nothing is more than 3 hours away…and we pay for annual passes to most of the theme parks…and dammit I’m gonna get my money’s worth….and they only turn this age once…and I fully enjoy the process just as much as they do….so can I live??? And based on my explanation – can you tell that I’m constantly told I am “doing the most” – and I constantly have to respond with these answers?? Ha!

Back to the party!

So she got her wish…..and I found the perfect venue for her tea party at Serendip-A-Tea in South Miami. The tea room is small and quaint, so we rented it out and invited 20 of her closest friends/cousins and 20 adults. The place was super cute – so little decor was needed.

Bobbi Elle's Mad hatter Tea Party

The menu consisted of tea sandwiches, quiche and tomato basil soup for the adults, while the kids munched on mac and cheese, chicken fingers and pizza. For dessert, we offered macaroons, Rice Krispy cards, lavender cookies, brownies, and madeleines. And lots of tea!!!! It was all so delicious!!!!

And can we discuss the detail and gorgeousness of the cake??!! Designed by none other than – Divine Delicacies.

The kids had a blast…the parents had some adult fun…and Bobbi got her wish…along with a special surprise visit from Alice and The Mad Hatter!

And yes – she already knows what she wants to do for her 6th Birthday: A Troll’s Party.

Scenes from the day:

One Balanced Mama_0416.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0427.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0436.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0439.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0420.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0433.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0431.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0428.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0438.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0421.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0419.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0417.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0437.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0425.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0422.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0429.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0424.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0418.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0435.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0434.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0426.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0432.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0430.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0423.jpg

Check out Bobbi Elle’s 5th birthday Photo Shoot: Five and Fierce!







I’m not sure how a 4-year old gets to have this much fun on her birthday. When I turned 4, I celebrated with a cake at home…maybe at school…or it was one or the other. Bobbi Elle’s 4th Disney Princess Birthday Bash was one for the books! She is totally into her princesses, we even did a whole photo shoot theme around it. She has a rack of princess dresses in her room ready to play dress up whether it’s with her friends or by herself.  There is an endless parade of princess dolls around my house.  This is what little girls are made of around this time in their life.  But back to her celebration…where do I begin?

Belle’s Pre-School Birthday Party:
Belle has long been a favorite princess of hers – especially since they both share the same name. We call Bobbi “Belle” for short…Bobbi Elle (Belle) – get it? Ok…so anyway – they have that connection.  She wanted Belle to visit her school when she celebrated with her friends. This was the first of many things (and cakes) to come!

One Balanced Mama_0441.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0443.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0442.jpg

A Royal 4th Princess Birthday:
Bobbi invited 5 of her closest friends/cousins to a trip to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate on her big day. The morning started with a Goofy & His Pals Brunch at the Four Seasons Orlando, where we were staying. I love this brunch because the food spread is amazing…and the characters really spend a lot of time with the kids as they go from table to table…you get your money’s worth! But the property itself! Its one of my favorite places to stay for so many reasons – but mainly because of their rooms with Disney views, their water park and the amenities for kids. Not to mention its about 10 mins away from the theme parks. If you are in the mood to splurge or you can catch a good deal – hands down – its the place to be!

One Balanced Mama_0467.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0461.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0458.jpg
Bobbi Elle,

After brunch, the girls went back to their rooms to change into their princess dresses that they were wearing to the park…and to get their make-up done…we’re talking a little eyeshadow and lip gloss. Enough to make them feel fancy! We took advantage of the awesome staircase at the hotel and had some fun doing photos. AJ was their Prince Charming!

One Balanced Mama_0462.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0449.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0444.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0445.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0448.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0446.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0447.jpg

From there it was off to the Magic Kingdom to meet all of her favorite princesses. She ended the day with a special dinner at Cinderella’s Castle at the Royal Table and the fireworks spectacular.

One Balanced Mama_0463.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0453.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0452.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0456.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0454.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0465.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0464.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0460.jpg

I’m not sure how any of us survived the day – but we did!  we got a surprise gift from our friends at Disney. While we only made plans to visit the Magic Kingdom – they gave us two tour guides to take us thru Hollywood Studios to check out the Toy Story Ride and swooped us by Epcot to meet Anna and Elsa and experience the Frozen ride.

The following day, I received a call from our friends at Disney. While we had only made plans to visit the Magic Kingdom – they were gifting us with two tour guides to take us thru Hollywood Studios to check out the Toy Story Ride and swooped us by Epcot to meet Anna and Elsa and experience the Frozen ride. I had a happy crew!  Needless to say, having the tour guides was a little piece of heaven!!!

One Balanced Mama_0450.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0451.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0459.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0455.jpg

I don’t think we are EVER topping off this birthday…I wouldn’t even try. But wow…she is one blessed little girl to have her wishes come true AND to experience it all with the ones she loves. Here’s to a Happy 4th Bobbi!

Here’s to a Happy 4th Bobbi!