Bobbi Elle has been obsessed with the latest hit animated British series – Peppa Pig.  Its pretty serious…so picking a theme for her 2nd birthday party wasn’t that hard.  What was hard was finding Peppa Pig decor and accessories to create an awesome party.  As of right now, Party City and many other stores do not carry a Peppa Pig line – so I had to scour the internet looking for places where I could find plates, cups, party hats – with Miss Peppa on them.  I found a lot of items on and  So I went to work, ordered all of my items to arrive just in time for the celebration.  We were surrounded by friends and family as we went to a nearby park on a cool day to celebrate Miss Bobbi turning TWO.  I also kept some decor for her small birthday celebration at her school the following day, on her actual birthday.  Here’s a peak of the party scenes:

Peppa Pig themed birthday invite
I always love a cute invite – and I have a great graphic designer who can always deliver. Thanks Danelle!
Peppa Pig tutu dress
I ordered a personalized Peppa Pig dress thru Etsy that mysteriously disappeared. (i.e., my dad threw it out in the trash by mistake. That’s another blog post in itself!!!!) By the time I figured out her birthday dress was missing – it was the day before the party. But thanks to – I got this number the next day! Because a Peppa Pig tutu dress was absolutely necessary for the birthday girl.
Peppa Pig cupcakes
Cupcakes are a must at any kids party…and the Butter Creamery delivered! I added Peppa Pig toppings that I purchased on Amazon.

Peppa Pig party decor
I love the small containers that you can fill with juice or milk – topped off with straws. Personalized printables were ordered thru Etsy.
Peppa Pig Kids table
I ordered a small kids table with kids chairs from a local party rental shop. Best thing I did!! Kids were able to eat comfortably – and color at the table.
Peppa Pig coloring sheet
Got these personalized coloring sheets from Etsy. I had these on the coloring tables and also included a copy in the kids goodie bag with a pack of crayons.
Peppa Pig Backdrop
I used this backdrop to prop up behind the desert table. Once the party was closing out – we moved it where the kids can access it and take photos.
Peppa Pig birthday party backdrop.
She wanted some solo shots.
Peppa Pig party
On her actual birthday – we surprised her with a small celebration at her pre-school. I kept a lot of the same decor from her party.
I can always count on her Dad and Godfather to be party of the set up committee :-)
I can always count on her Dad and Godfather to be part of the set up committee 🙂
Peppa Pig Cupcakes
Publix cupcakes for the win!
Peppa Pig girl tutu shirt
Of course she had to sport her Peppa Pig gear! And a crown just because!
Peppa Pig Balloons
She loves balloons! And I found these on Amazon.
I love this photo of her being surrounded by some of her school mates that popped into her party to sing Happy Birthday.
I love this photo of her being surrounded by some of her school mates that popped into her party to sing Happy Birthday.
Clearly she had a blast!!
Clearly she had a blast!!


  1. Britney Speigner
    Hi! You did a great job with the party! Where did you get that backdrop from? I love it!
  2. Esther Palestino
    everything looks amazing.... I do have a question for you.... where did you get the small containers from?

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