Queen Bee Turns Three!!!  When I posted photos of Bobbi’s second birthday party – one of my followers commented that I should do a bumble bee party for her 3rd birthday. I am not sure who it was – but she definitely gets credit for this idea (thank you if you are reading this!!!).  I loved the yellow and black color combo idea – and I knew there was so much to play with when it comes to bumble bees, honeycombs and little girls.

I love planning my kids parties – and get way more hyped about it then they do.  I’m all about the attention to detail and making sure the kids have a FUN time in the process.  This party was no different.

First thing – we secured her favorite place to have fun – which was the Miami Children’s Museum.  I normally have my kids parties outside (hello…I live in Miami!) – but this time I was looking for something different and a more controlled environment.  Thankfully we went this route, because it turned out to be a rainy day.  The staff at the museum was beyond awesome to work with and they truly made the whole event seamless.

I also tapped into some of my favorite bakers to add some sweetness to the party:  Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes made not one – but TWO cakes for Miss Bobbi.  And no party is complete without cupcakes from The Butter Creamery.

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the Queen Bee’s birthday!  Check out some pictures from the day!

bumble bee birthday party invite
The invite to set the tone – created by Mad Studios.
Bumble Bee Birthday Cake; Queen Bee
Loved this bumble bee cake designed by Divine Delicacies. Worked perfectly with the theme!


Queen Bee Turns Three - bumble bee desert table
Yellow and black set the tone for the party and the desert table. I added framed photos from her birthday photo shoot.
Bumble Bee Birthday Cake
Loved the cake topper!
Bumble Bee Birthday Cake
Divine Delicacies felt that one cake wasn’t enough! So they gifted us with this honeycomb cake – dripped with honey!

bobbi elle's bumble bee birthday party
Signage for the desert table
bumble bee cupcakes; sugar bees
Loved loved loved these vanilla cupcakes topped with sugar bees from The Butter Creamery!
Bumble Bee Cupcakes
A closer look 🙂
Candy buffet; desert table
Yellow candy gave the dessert table a pop…and couldn’t forget the chocolate oreos to go with the black and yellow theme
bumble bee cupcakes, bumble bee desert table
Bobbi Is 3 spelled out with The ButterCreamery cupcakes.


bumble bee cake pops
Kids love these cake pops…a variety of chocolate and vanilla with personalized labeling. Good to eat at the party or to take home as a party favor.
bumble bee boppers
Found these bumble bee boppers online. Too cute to pass up! Each child got one as they entered the party.
Don't Worry Bee Happy coloring page
The kids were greeted with “Don’t Worry, BEE Happy” coloring pages and crayons – along with their party supplies at their seat.
Arts and Crafts toddler party
Arts and crafts was one of the activities during the festivities. The kids got a kick out of making butterfly wings.


Museum birthday party
A guided museum tour and a 20 minute dance party rounded out the activities for the day!


bumble bee dance party
There was even a dance off between the Dads!

Queen Bee Turns Three - Bobbi Elle's bumble bee birthday party

bumble bee birthday party
Time to blow out the candles!
bumble bee party favor bags
Party favor bags are a must have for all kid parties – and in this case – they got to grab a swag bag. Filled with pencils, BEE motivational notes, balls and other arts and crafts materials.

Bobbi Elle is blessed with a large family and lots of friends.  So I generally do two parties for her.  A main party and a smaller party to celebrate with her school friends.  Below are the photos from her school party.  I used all of the leftover supplies from her main party – along with the decor…and just brought in cupcakes that the kids would enjoy.  She gets the best of both worlds!  Below are the photos from her school party:


bumble bee school birthday party
The whole family came out to celebrate with Bobbi at her school
bumble bee birthday school party
This photo frame came in handy for both parties!
bumble bee birthday school party
I let her slide with all of the junk food since it was her day.
bumble bee birthday school party
Showered with love by all of her teachers!
bumble bee birthday party
More junk food



bumble bee cupcakes
Got these cupcakes from Publix! Added some bee sticks that I found on Amazon.

bumble bee school party

Whew!  That was a lot in one week!  I have a few months to recouperate and get ready for AJ’s big 2nd birthday bash in August….hmmmm….what theme will I chose next???

Oh…before I go…Miss Bobbi has already started to request her theme for the big 4.  A princess party.  Fun times ahead!


  1. Marielande
    BEEautiful post!!!! Sorry I missed the party. Xoxo

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