2015…I had no clue what a “trunk-or-treat” was…I just knew that I got a notice from my kids school – and I was to show up with my car and hand out treats.  Welp – I was in for a rude awakening. Parents had their trunks decked out with Halloween decor…you can tell they put some thought into it.  And you can tell…I didn’t.  Exhibit A below:

one balanced mama; trunk or treat
This was my attempt at trunk or treat decorations a few years ago. Sad indeed.

Came a long way in 2017….this year I went with a Super Heroes theme for our costumes and trunk decorations.  I used superhero capes that I already had in AJ’s toy bin from his birthday party.  These are great because they come with masks and they also have a girls set.  Got them on Amazon.

One Balanced Mama_0195.jpg

Presenting…Super Woman, Bat Girl, Incredible Hulk…and The Black Panther…We got ALL the superpowers!!
One Balanced Mama_0192.jpg

The first year I showed up in yoga pants…this is pretty impressive.  Thanks Party City!
One Balanced Mama_0198.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0194.jpg

Found some of these gems at Home Goods, Michael’s and Target a few years ago…and they will be used for the next 15 years…
One Balanced Mama_0196.jpg


I actually dreaded going to the pumpkin patch this year. I thought of the heat, the mass crowd and the limited rides that everyone stands in line for – and I begrudgingly put the date on my calendar. Only because my kids always have a blast…cause – kids!

Thankfully, we received an invite by my kids’ art teacher to a program she launched called “Art in the Park.” It was the perfect set up…a gorgeous day in Miami…under a pavilion…at a beautiful  UNcrowded park…overlooking the beach…with plenty of arts and crafts to keep the kids busy. Plus, there was a playground AND a carousel. It was a definite YES on our end…the scene was Crandon Park on Key Biscayne.

This might be the way to go if you also dread heading to the patch. For me – I love getting photos of my kids at a pumpkin patch…nothing is cuter than seeing your babies sitting on pumpkins or trying to pick them up…Exhibit A below.  But this time – I wanted to go a less fussy route while providing an environment where my kids can be creative and still have fun with their friends.   So grab some art supplies…some pumpkins…some kids…and voila! You have a party! Sharing some of the fun from our day!


pumpkin patch photos; one balanced mama
Bobbi Elle’s first pumpkin patch visit…at 9 months old.

One Balanced Mama_0175.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0177.jpg

Bobbi Elle with her art teacher Miss Susie, who hosted the day.

One Balanced Mama_0178.jpg; art in the park
One Balanced Mama_0176.jpg


This is a very late post…like 8 months late…crazy how this year is almost over and I’m sharing photos from a February shoot…but this is too good to let it go by any longer…When Bobbi turned 4 – she was all into her Disney princesses!  She wanted a princess party, a princess themed bedroom, all of the princess dresses – you see where I’m going here.  So it just made sense that for her 4th birthday shoot – we captured the love of her princesses and fairy tales.

Linking up with Erica Melissa for another photo session – I knew we were going to capture some beauties…we shot her in her element reading books and being in front of the mirror…as well as being in some of her favorite princess dresses.

Here are some of my faves!

One Balanced Mama_0149.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0150.jpg

Bobbi has a rack of princess dresses…and like every little girl..playing dress up is one of her fave past times. I found this cute clothing rack on Amazon!
One Balanced Mama_0151.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0152.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0153.jpg

Because every sweet princess has a silly side!
One Balanced Mama_0154.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0155.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0156.jpg

Brave, courageous, free-spirited and adventurous…all describe Princess Merida + Princess Bobbi




Mother’s Day has taken on new meaning for me. For years, I used to stay in bed, eat Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream….and just cry – mourning the death of my own mother. While it has gotten easier over the last 14 years – last year, I found myself in that same position. Weird how the emotions ebb and flow over the years. But the reality is that my life has greater meaning now that I am a mother…and that has made facing this day a little easier.  I treasure the relationship that I have with my sister and her kids on another level because I know that we are a reflection of my mother’s love and life.

So that led me to ask one of my fave photographers – Erica Rodriquez to meet me at Greynolds Park to capture mommy moments doing one of our favorite all hanging out together. I wanted to do it with my sister in celebration of Mother’s Day.  Even though I take lots of photos of my kids – I’ve never done this…and it was a special time for us. It was a gorgeous day at the park. The sun was shining so beautifully…you can see the sunrays in lots of our photos. When I first saw it…I knew then that it was my mother shining her light on us in approval of the moms we are today.

Sharing a few of my favorite pics from our day.

Mothers Day Shoot One Balanced Mama
This is us! Me and my two babies and my step-son Khari…My sister and her two girls and son. We come as a package deal.

Mothers Day Shoot One Balanced Mama
Mothers Day Shoot One Balanced Mama
Mothers Day Shoot One Balanced Mama
Mothers Day Shoot One Balanced Mama

One Balanced Mama Mother's Day Photo Shoot
AJ and his silly smiles…cracks me up!

Mothers Day Shoot One Balanced Mama