Earlier this year, in March, I wrote a blog entitled:   “When the Sperm meets the Egg…Dammit!”

It was my response to the often-asked question: “Damn, when ya’ll gonna have a baby???”

Well….the sperm done met the egg!!!

Its been a while since I’ve posted on my blog, mainly because my life has been a whirlwind since April/May….but if I thought I was in for a busy summer just because of work – I had another thing coming – and it was a baby!

The months of April and May was crazy, busy and fun!  With the end of the regular basketball season coming to an end and playoffs starting, there were games every other night it seemed; traveling to watch the first few rounds in NYC/Boston and enjoying the big city, co-planning the birthday parties of two dear friends (one turning 30, the other turning 50), company retreats, calendar filled with business meetings, conference calls, my random showings at yoga and zumba classes, hosting a memorial day bbq, cooking my Sunday Funday dinners…and more…the story of my life.

Somehow during the busy-ness of my life – I must have found time to have sex with my husband – one night in particular…May 10th – the anniversary of my mother’s death.  I am sure as in year’s past – my mood was somber, sad, lonely, depressed – so I had a few glasses of wine to ease the pain – and Bobby took great pleasure in “comforting” me that night.  I am pretty sure that was the night we conceived because in true form, I was keeping a calendar of my ovulation period and sexual escapades…now before you judge me – the whole goal in the last 9 months was to have a baby, and there are tools that help in the process – like the period tracker app!  (Download it – it works!)

So continuing on in my busy life – On Sunday, June 3rd while in Boston for the Heat-Celtics Eastern Conference games (Game 4 to be exact) – I woke up feeling weird…I grabbed my iPhone to check in on the period tracker – I knew I was a few days late, but didn’t realize I was FIVE days late.  I woke Bobby up and told him we needed to take a pregnancy test.  In my mind – I didn’t think it was possible because I’ve been down this road before, only to set myself up for disappointment.  But never had I been FIVE days late…so maybe this was different?

We headed down to the hotel lobby for brunch and I remember thinking – is this my last meal before my life changes??? I remember being calm and collected – but nervous as well.  After we ate, we walked down to the local CVS to purchase “the stick.”  Not wanting to take a chance, as opposed to trying to guess if there was really two lines on the stick – I went for the test that delivered a clear YES or NO.  Headed back into the hotel – I run into a few high level Miami Heat executives – stopped for hugs and kisses, hoping no one sees the big ass pink box sitting visibly on top of my bag.  We escaped from the lobby, up to the room to find a woman waiting outside of our door.  Dammit!  I forgot I scheduled a massage and accupuncture treatment the day before.  Its 12PM – she’s here on time and I need to find out this test result!!!

I invited her into the room to set up her massage table and I ran into the bathroom to handle my business….and wait.  Meanwhile, my husband charges into the bathroom to let me know he’s going down to the lobby to “give me space” for the massage treatment.  “SPACE????????  Are you kidding me???? Our life may change in 2 mins and you wanna give me SPACE????  How about you stick around and see how this story ends???”

At this point – we are calmly arguing with each other about his need to leave the room at this particular moment in time.  “Just wait another minute – damn, what’s the rush…I should know any minute now!”  As he continues to talk nonsense – I slowly look down at the stick and its like my life, my world went into slow motion when I see YES.  I calmly picked up the stick, while he’s still running his mouth, and just held it up to his face – where he remained mouth wide open for about a good 30 seconds.  His eyes well up with tears – we can’t scream, we can’t jump….we can’t do anything because there’s a lady in our room not knowing that our worlds just exploded!  So he gives me a tight hug – and he whispers to me – “please don’t say anything to anyone – I just want to be sure….promise?”  In my mind – the stick said YES and not MAYBE – so I was sure – but I agreed and I promised to stay quiet.  I said a silent prayer of thanks and gratitude to God for his gift.  And Bobby was free to leave.

Walking into my room – I was in a daze, and slowly sat on the bed.  Before the therapist could ask me my name – I blurted out. “I’M PREGNANT!”  So much for the promise.  The next hour and a half was painful…who can be relaxed on a massage table when a million thoughts are running thru your head?  My first thought was – Awww damn….my nipples are about to turn black!  Wrong, I know…I felt guilty for being so vain – but that was just the beginnning of many vainful thoughts..I’m sure I’m not the only one!

The massage seemed like it lasted for hours!!! When I finally got up and Bobby came back for his treatments – I literally fled the room with phone in hand…dialed my sister’s number at least 10 times…no answer – I’m about to burst!  Damn a promise!  I need to talk – Girl, pick up the phone…I GOT A STORY TO TELL!!!!

Will come back for Part 2 of this story…this is long enough 🙂  In the meantime, below are a few photos of my life B.T.P. (Before the Pregnancy).

Spent a lotta time in NYC this summer…loved every minute of it….View outside of my fave hotel window
Celebrating Nile + Shellye’s birthday w/Bobby in May
Getting ready to kick off the Memorial Day BBQ…didn’t know that would be my last Corona for some time. Hey Corona 🙁
Kicked off my shoes after a long day of meetings in NYC. Hey pink bubbly!!! I’ve missed you!
Me + Bobby..just kickin’ it…B.T.P!


  1. Anonymous
    Lisa, what a great story. Congrats to you and Bobby! I'm so happy for the two of you:)
  2. Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh finally I can yell loud and proud I'M GONNA BE AN AUNTIE...... I can't wait :-).
  3. Anonymous
    Congratulations.... Now we got to make sure you get a baby IPAD and IPHONE cause I know your not ever gonna slow down!!! Mommy on the move!!! Congratulations gain :)
  4. Tears in my eyes filled with joy for you. I am so so happy for you girl. Please eat enough, sleep enough, no stress if you can avoid it. Umm I guess I am talking to much to early in the pregnancy so I will hush for now, but I will keep you in my prayers :-):-):-):-):-):-)
  5. Anonymous
    God is good!!!!
  6. That had to be one of your best blogs yet!!!! Hope Your feeling well my dear friend!! Miss your face! Wanna see belly bump pics!!
  7. Awww!!!....this is such a great story!!...congrats to you and your Hubby!!...Good things come to them who wait on The Lord!!
  8. Yolette jean louis
    I am soooooo very happy for you and yr husband. When ever i hear " baby" it's like i'm the one having the baby i love them so much. God is great. Congratulations. I will keep you in my prayers. Love you Yolette
  9. Anonymous
    CONGRATULATIONS! I absolutely love your blog!
  10. Well I hope Jessie told u that I have been having dreams of you being preggers and I'm glad they came true............................. still have a hard time picturing u with a stroller... but u will be a great mommy for sure:-).... I guess Bobby will just push the stroller....xoxoxo
  11. CONGRATULATIONS LISA! I love reading your blog...I can actually visualize your face telling the vivid! You are gonna be one awesome momma:-)
  12. Wow! Talk about a dramatic and climatic way to find out you are pregnant!! I am so happy for you Lisa. Although we seemed to lose touch over the years, your whole family will always be special to me. I pray safe deliverance of this baby, a fun-filled, adventurous, Heat-schedule kinda life for you, Bobby and your precious little girl. My! I can see your mom's face now! How proud she would be! I love you sis! God bless.

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