Last year, I spent nine months carrying a baby not wanting to know the sex.  I was nervous about what I was having but also wanted to be surprised.  Part of me didn’t want to have a boy – I was scared of boys…didn’t feel I was a “boy’s mom” and that I would do much better with another girl.  Also, Bobbi Elle would have a playmate, a sister and a friend for life.  Kind of like my sister and I.  I also didn’t know if I would have room in my heart to love another child – it felt like Bobbi had all of me.

Boy was I wrong (no pun intended!),  Amarii Joseph came and rocked my world.  I wrote about our birth journey and shared personal moments from the delivery room in my blog Birthing With Fear…My Birth Journey.  And since his grand entrance – life has never been the same.  Some day I’ll share my thoughts on juggling life with a toddler and an infant…but for now – I just wanted to share a snipet of my life, my AJ.  Words can’t express the depth that my heart has opened to love a second child.  Nor can it explain the joy I feel to be blessed with a son.  It is an incredible feeling to know that I get a chance to raise a man…and its something I so look forward to.

Bobbi – well she’s still adjusting…but the one thing I know for sure – she absolutely loves her little bro…as long as he doesn’t have any of her toys or getting all of the attention.

The last few days has been a little emotional for me – just going thru old footage and seeing his delivery and moments after his birth.  I’m sad that he’s no longer a newborn…a baby.  He’s starting to take a few steps and I know it’s just a matter of time before I completely lose him to his newfound freedom. But I’m so looking forward to what’s to come.

Thanks to my husband and Edward from Elite Media Concepts for once again putting together an amazing video.  They knew how much I loved the one done for Bobbi that I posted for her first birthday Bobbi Elle – The First Year.  And a special thank you to all of my amazing family and friends that have walked this journey with me.



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