Pray, Breathe, Cherish…2020

Every year…the same feelings creep up on New Year’s Eve. Fear and anxiety mainly. Fear and anxiety of the unknown. It used to be really bad, but as I’ve gotten older, had my family…its been a little bit easier facing the future with the people I love around me.

But still…I felt all of that creeping up on me this morning – and I took 10 steps back. I’m currently in the moutains in Gatlinburg with my husband, kids and extended family. This is the second year we’ve come to the mountains during the holidays…it’s the most serene way to end an incredibly hectic year. And 2019 was one for the books. It put the words hectic and stressful to shame.

Alot of it I shared on social media. Work life…home life…travel. I share alot of my family life on social media. Social media can be tricky. Sometimes I feel guilty posting my life – never wanting it to appear picture perfect. But the reality is – despite the challenges – I love my life…I’m deeply grateful and thankful for it. And I shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Especially knowing how at one point in life, I felt alone, sad and depressed.

The last few days I’ve come across stories of people losing loved ones so suddenly…and that guilty feeling I have of my own life melts away. I embrace my world even tighter – because nothing is promised…and life is fleeting.

Going into 2020 – the anxiety and fear that I have is also coupled with excitement and anticipation. All of these feelings – the good and the bad…just adds to more stress. So I take a few mental steps back.

“God, it’s all in your hands.”   That simple prayer is enough to bring calmness to my world. Because the truth in all of this is – it really is. Whatever anxiousness, fear I feel….what does it matter?? When he has it (whatever it is) all under control… and sometimes we need to remember that.

“Breathe – take it all in.”   That’s what I remind myself. As I’m sitting in what feels like the most peaceful place on earth – why am I using this time to stress about a moment that hasn’t even arrived??  I pour myself a glass of wine…breathe – and take it all in. Besides – I’m leaving in a few short days and will be pissed that I spent that time worrying about the future. I’m learning to live in my moment.

“Cherish the day.”  Last night – I spent time with my husband going over our schedules for the next 3 months. At one point – both of our laptops went dead on us. It was necessary. Instead of chargers – we picked up honey graham crackers, marshmellows, hersheys chocolate, called over our kids and family – and made s’mores over the firepit in our log cabin patio. We live in Miami…we don’t make s’mores…we don’t have log cabins and we damn sure don’t have firepits. We can compare our schedules on the flight home…right now – we need to cherish the day.

These three thoughts are what I pray carry me thru 2020 and thru the next decade. We have to make our own mental notes and have our own alerts to remind us what we need to press thru. These are ones I wanted to share with you as we turn another year and walk into a new one.

What are some of your mental notes and thoughts that get you thru? We can all use these reminders.

Happy and blessed 2020 to you…Love Always!