Mother’s Day has taken on new meaning for me. For years, I used to stay in bed, eat Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food ice cream….and just cry – mourning the death of my own mother. While it has gotten easier over the last 14 years – last year, I found myself in that same position. Weird how the emotions ebb and flow over the years. But the reality is that my life has greater meaning now that I am a mother…and that has made facing this day a little easier.  I treasure the relationship that I have with my sister and her kids on another level because I know that we are a reflection of my mother’s love and life.

So that led me to ask one of my fave photographers – Erica Rodriquez to meet me at Greynolds Park to capture mommy moments doing one of our favorite all hanging out together. I wanted to do it with my sister in celebration of Mother’s Day.  Even though I take lots of photos of my kids – I’ve never done this…and it was a special time for us. It was a gorgeous day at the park. The sun was shining so beautifully…you can see the sunrays in lots of our photos. When I first saw it…I knew then that it was my mother shining her light on us in approval of the moms we are today.

Sharing a few of my favorite pics from our day.

Mothers Day Shoot One Balanced Mama
This is us! Me and my two babies and my step-son Khari…My sister and her two girls and son. We come as a package deal.

Mothers Day Shoot One Balanced Mama
Mothers Day Shoot One Balanced Mama
Mothers Day Shoot One Balanced Mama
Mothers Day Shoot One Balanced Mama

One Balanced Mama Mother's Day Photo Shoot
AJ and his silly smiles…cracks me up!

Mothers Day Shoot One Balanced Mama


Its become a tradition….our annual holiday photo shoot! There’s always so much thought put into our theme for our holiday cards… and this year was a mixed bag.  I wanted our 2016 card to be fun and funny…but I also wanted some family photos that were more glammed up.

We rented a studio again because you can’t go wrong with an all-white setting.  I also wanted to capture our family hanging out in a “bedroom” with PJ’s and having a pillow fight.

The last scene shot was us in a “prison line-up.”  At the stage my kids are in right now – its all about them being naughty AND nice!  The expressions on their faces really made our Christmas card a hit!  Sharing some of my favorite photos…there were too many good ones to choose from.

Photo shoots with kids can be a bit stressful – so here are my top 10 tips for nailing an epic toddler photo shoot.  Check it out!

Shout out to my crew that made this shoot a huge success:

Photography:  Erica Melissa

Stylist:  Toni Lowe

Studio:  Little River Studios
One Balanced Mama_0276.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0277.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0278.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0274.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0279.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0281.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0280.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0282.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0283.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0285.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0290.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0291.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0289.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0288.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0287.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0286.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0295.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0284.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0275.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0294.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0293.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0292.jpg
One Balanced Mama_0296.jpg

Snippet from our holiday card:

Holiday Family Photo Shoot; One Balanced Mama Blog Holiday Family Photo Shoot; One Balanced Mama Blog








Ahhhh….the excitement of turning 2!!!  August 6th. Part of me was a little sad knowing that I no longer have a baby anymore – I have a full blown little boy…and he plays the role to the tee!  “AJ” (Amarii Joseph) was such a calm and low key baby.  I thought…“this is good..I have balance between him and Miss Bobbi.”  But not so fast!  In the last few months – its like he turned on the switch and is now operating on ALL cylinders.  He has such a bright personality to match his big and bright smile.  He’s super affectionate, very independent, makes his voice heard – and is willing to battle for some shine when he is around his big sister.  He started pre-school in May, and that has really helped to accelerate his communication skills…he can now speak in full sentences, knows how to count from 1 – 13 (he’s stuck…he thinks every number after 13 is…13)..he knows his ABC’s, loves books, and loves identifying animals and their sounds.  We’re still working on his colors 🙂

As has been my tradition – I once again partnered with Erica Melissa to shoot AJ in all of his glory.  She has captured every key moment including our birth journey and his first year photo shoot.  For this shoot, we went back to the location of Miss Bobbi’s two-year old shoot in Miami Lakes. FL, a shopping area that has become our little photo shoot playground…we just used different backdrops.  I also (smartly) enlisted the help of my friend/stylist, Toni Lowes to help create the looks, and we bought along his favorite bike, his favorite toy – a football…balloons…and his favorite bear…I’m in love with it all!

Amarii Joseph; Two-year old photo shoot; One Balanced Mama Blog post
Amarii Joseph; Two-year old photo shoot; One Balanced Mama Blog post
Amarii Joseph; Two-year old photo shoot; One Balanced Mama Blog post
Amarii Joseph Metelus; Two-year old photo shoot; One Balanced Mama Blog post
Amarii Joseph Metelus; Two-year old photo shoot; One Balanced Mama Blog post